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Walt Disney's original E.P.C.O.T film (1966) SD FULL VERSION

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(c) 1966 Walt Disney Productions.

Click here to access the HD version: http://vietvideos.vn/watch/sLCHg9mUBag

Here is the complete original film from Walt's "Epcot / Florida Film" - a 24 minute preview to EPCOT that Walt recorded on October 27, 1966 - just a few weeks before his death. With help from models, concept art and animation, he outlined, for the media and interest groups, his plans for the Florida Project - Disney World and especially the details for EPCOT. This film was shown only to those limited groups in 1967 and on very very few occasion ever since.

It was also included as a special feature in 2 dvds: "Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrowland":


and "Magic Kingdom: Imagineering the Magic":


Learn more about the original Epcot project on the-original-epcot.com.

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