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Friends, the first of four Blood Moons occurring at Passover in 2014 is linked to the birth of the man-child (Rev 12:2-5) on the Clock of the Four Night Watches, as shown in this video. When Yeshua appeared to me in the Spring of 2010, I had no knowledge of these blood moons and their convergence with holy days on the hebrew calendar in years to come. I am very humbled to have been shown his "measure of days" in a Clock that heralds the return of our Lord and Savior, Yeshua Ha'Mashiach... JESUS CHRIST.

Some are discussing a planetary alignment in 2017 that also points to fulfillment of this passage and the birth of the man child. Do we have to wait until 2017 before the Rapture?

All prophecy is fulfilled in layers, and since the Clock Prophecy ends in late 2016, I expect the appointment of princes and priests upon the Earth to begin in 2017 at the start of the Millennium, which is a kind of "birthing" for the rule of Christ at that time. Don't think of the birth of the man-child as just one event! The reason we are looking for the early Rapture to occur in 2014 is because that is where the Clock Prophecy places the start of Great Tribulation!

The Revelation 12:1 passage falls on the Clock at the same time as the first Blood Moon in 2014 and appears timed to the release of the 6th Seal, major volcanic eruptions, and the early Raptures. Pay attention to the Watch dates in the article, "3rd Watch Special Update" and as always, read my web book, The Measure of Days.

Also notice the release of an "epic" Volcano disaster film with the opening of "POMPEII" just days after a critical Clock Watch date on the Clock this year!

YAH (GOD) bless you all,

Peter John

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