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SEEING INTO THE UNSEEN REALM Jonathan Welton on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth

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Đăng 11 tháng trước
*READ DESCRIPTION*Jonathan Welton will pray for your spiritual eyes to be activated so you will be enabled by the Holy Spirit to see angels, body parts, diseases on people, demons etc. Everyday and anytime you want!! But 'fear not' says Jesus for He promised that He is with you always, even until the end of the world- Mathew 28:20. Jonathan teaches special exercises to activate your spiritual eyes in his Book 'School of the Seers'. Or you can watch these videos where he teaches on how to see into the realm of the spirit:

http://www.vietvideos.vn/watch/BfF8vAY5UXw Part 1

http://www.vietvideos.vn/watch/nl2nlXm0zFQ Part 2

http://www.vietvideos.vn/watch/CZfzqiEOaiQ Part 3

http://www.vietvideos.vn/watch/HSaCvVMn4Fk Part 4

Get a notebook and pen and take notes because it will help A LOT!