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Poet Shadab Azmi at Mushaira, Deoria - 2013 'Chat pe Baal Sukhane ke Bahane...'

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Đăng 10 tháng trước
Performance by Shadab Azmi, renowned poet of India at a programme organised by us at Deoria. Shadab Azmi ji is a famous Urdu poet. He presented his bunch of Geet, Ghazal and Sher that appeals to the Society and Nation. This is an Excellent presentation 'Chat pe Baal Sukhane ke Bahane...'. Manas Khatri is an outstanding performer of Kavi Sammelan and is famous Youth Poet of India. His poetry is well known for Hasya Vyangya. He writes well about love, Politics and Corruption.

For Poems by Manas Khatri 'Mastana',

Visit: http://manaskhatri.wordpress.com