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Pirith Chanting full

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Pirith Chanting full ,Pirith - a soothing balm to your mind ,

DHAMMA: Buddhism is considered as a philosophy or a psychology, preached by The

The Khandaparitta depicts the value of loving kindness. A monk who died of a snake bite, did not practise loving kindness towards them. If he practised loving kindness this tragedy could not have occurred, stated the Buddha.

The eleven benefits accrued by loving kindness is mentioned in Mettanismsa sutta and it is specially meant to the householder.

The Dhammachakkapavattana Sutta delivered to the first five disciples contains the most important teaching of the Buddha, which is detailed as the Noble Eightfold Path and the four Noble Truths. In the Saccavibanga sutta, the Buddha describes the four Noble Truths.

Pirith is closely linked with the beginning of the Sinhalas in Sri Lanka. Mahavamsa in the seventh chapter describes the advent of Vijaya from Latarata, Jambudvipa (India) in the following manner.

The chronicle Mahavamsa records, during the King Upatissa I, end of 4th century, Ratana sutta was recited, as the country was faced with severe drought famine and disease.

After chanting Ratana sutta, throughout the night, sprinkling ?Pirith pan? along the streets, the deadly infectious diseases and plaque disappeared.

The first reference to the chanting of Pirith as a ceremony was mentioned during Aggabodhi IV regime, spanning from (658-674 AD).

It is believed that Pirith ceremonies were also held during Kassappa V (913-923 AD) era.

The chanting of Pirith is prevalent everywhere in our country today. We wake up to the sound of Pirith chanting.

We go to bed with the same soothing sound of Pirith recital resonant in our ears. Let us hope that the meritorious effects of Pirith will protect this country and bring peace and prosperity to this Blessed Island.

May there be rain by the Blessings of the Gods

May there be bountiful harvest

May the people be happy and prosperous

May the rulers be righteous

Devao Vassatui Kalena

Sassa Sampatti Hotucha

Pito Bhavatu Lokocha

Raja Bahavatu Dhammiko