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Paraisong Uhaw" (Dokumentaryo ni Kara David) 1

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Đăng 4 năm trước
Paraisong Uhaw"

Documentary by Kara David

Water mixed with mud. Water that tastes like mud. This is what residents in Sampad, Masbate must deal with on a day to day basis. With no permanent source of clean water, they dig wells with their bare hands hoping to tap into some water from the earth. But with widespread drought, the dug wells bring little relief.

A UNICEF study has found that Masbate has the least access to potable water among twenty-four provinces they surveyed. Barangay Sampad in Balud Masbate has the highest proportion of population without access to clean water.

In Barangay Rizal, many residents have diarrhea. Their only water source is a well that contains salt water. To the thirsty however, any means to drink is welcome, even if it means having to mix their childrens milk with the salty water from the well.