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Michelle Chamuel - Somebody Loved (Cover)

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Đăng 9 tháng trước
Despite the ancient username, it is I, tunebomb, and I like to edit things. I really like to edit video. I even went to school for it, though I can't seem to actually find employment doing it. Perhaps I have overestimated its value as a skill set. Regardless, the second I heard this cover and saw the video, I knew this was something I had to do. I wanted it to tell a slightly different story than it does, but there's only so much one can do with limited footage. Regardless, Michelle's super awesome friendship with Usher was, is, and always will be super awesome and I have no qualms with that being the real focal point here. Aside from Michelle's general awesomeness, of course.

I have no idea what the technical term for this is. Mashup? Music video? Fan vid? Thing I spent entirely too much time working on? Swiss cheese for the eyeballs?

Well, whatever it's called, here are the non-Voice related sources:

Michelle's original cover video: http://vimeo.com/71757369

My Dear Disco on Fearless Music:

"White Lies" - http://vietvideos.vn/watch/dueu04UOfx8

"Only For Your Love" - http://vietvideos.vn/watch/oyefPzz1KYk

My Dear Disco Live in Ann Arbor: http://vietvideos.vn/watch/Qe1QJTXfJmU