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Jammy's story- JT28- (Jonathan & Tammy)- GL

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All of this is Jammy, but actual Jammy moments: 00:00 - 02:10 ...26:17 - 37:22 ... 46:05 - 53:05

There is a small part with a logo showing. For the parts of the clips I had in better visuals, I took the Spanish clips (originals and any Spanish thanks to valentinae77) and matched to the English audio. Please remember- these come off old video tapes, so there are some glitches.) A few tiny snippets are in Spanish where I did not have the English for those parts. (where Jon cries Te amo, Tammy- it means "I love you, Tammy"- that much Spanish I know. lol)

Thank you to windamongthereeds, Sweetest Taboo, and pinkflower for the clips. :)

This clip covers - end March 2006

(no copyright infringement intended)