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Gold Recovery ( Scrapping Ram finger boards)

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This is the video you have all been waiting for.

Please do not attempt anything in this video.

Only responsible adults should do this. If you are a student and have a chemistry class, You may get extra credit for this.

From this line below is the instructions of how to do this.

for this video, I used 106 ram boards. The weight at the end may differ from what I have.

What you will need:

Vinyl apron

chemical Resistant gloves

Safety Goggles

fume hood / If working outside use a fan blowing the fumes away from you.

(have a space were no person or animal will bother you)

Ram boards

sheet metal cutting Shears or pruning shears

distilled water

container to hold you ram boards


Glass stirring Rod

Containers to hold the excess waste acid

Coffee Filters

Hot Plate or Coffee Maker (hot plate on low)

All Plastic Strainer

Wash Bottle

Measuring Spoons

The chemicals:

Muriatic Acid

Nitric acid 67.2 concentration or

Sub Zero

Hydrogen peroxide


Scrub Powder/Storm Precipitant or

Sodium Metabisulphite

Baking Soda


Cut fingers off ram boards

mix hydrogen peroxide with muriatic acid 50% / 50%

let sit in a warm area ( under the sun for 24 hours)

Mix if needed.

Use strainer, coffee filter and container to capture acid and any gold.

rinse gold with distilled water & remove any on the ram fingers.

rinse gold again and filter out water.

Place in glass beaker and add 10ml Nitric & 10 ML Muriatic

Place on hot plate or coffee maker

let sit and walk away

once all gold is dissolved

the liquid should be yellow

use beaker , strainer and coffee filter to catch the yellow liquid and the filter will get the debris.

Slowly add water in the filter and rinse the 1st beaker to get all the gold and debris out.

now remove the filter and add about 30 ml or more of distilled water.

Add 1tsb of Urea to neutralize the acid. add more if needed. if no more bubbles you are ready for the next step.

Add 1 TSP of Scrub Powder ( you may need more) color will change from yellow to brown.

let powder settle and now use filter and clean beaker to get the brown powder.

once in the filter add more water to rinse.

Let dry and use a furnace to melt down your gold.

If done correctly you should have 99.5% 24KT gold.

where to purchase:

Safety & Beakers


Nitric acid:


Scrub Powder/urea/Sub zero


Muriatic acid:

Local Hardware store

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Local Drug Store

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