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Evacuate Japan! Second meltdown at Fukushima unit #4 in 2014.

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Đăng 11 tháng trước
GE / Tepco plan to move the fuel rods in October 2013.

A disaster is about to happen.

We need a Manhattan like Project to stabilize Fukushima,

bringing together the best engineers from Silicon Valley,

Japan, Germany, Russia, China & the US

to find the best way to stabilize Unit #4,

before the next 7.0 quake.

How long will it take to evacuate Tokyo?

Japan is the most earthquake prone nation on earth.

GE should never have built those 54 reactors to boil water,

using atomic energy.

There is no safe place in Japan.

Second meltdown at Fukushima unit #4 in October 2013.

If we start the evacuation now, at a normal speed,

it will take a full year.

Why wait until the inevitable crisis happens?

This is serious.

Japan must evacuate all pregnant women immediately.

Japan must evacuate all kids under age 13 this month.

There will be no time to think or act when the next meltdown happens.

Women must start leaving immediately.