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COMET ISON - Astronomers Say They Can't Be Sure Exactly What Will Happen

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Đăng 11 tháng trước
Astronomers say such an event in unprecedented and while they have a good idea of what to expect, they can't be sure exactly what will happen. They do predict the grains of dust will eventually fall to the surface of the Earth, slowly filtering down out of the atmosphere over several years.

Comet ISON is likely to spark a rather strange meteor shower, unprecedented in recorded history. Astronomers now predict that the Earth will be bombarded with debris and tiny particles of comet dust in mid-January following ISON's dive past the Sun

.Comet ISON is set to be the comet of the century as it possibly brightens enough to outshine even the full moon. Much of that brightness will come from the hundreds of thousands of pounds of dust shed by the comet as the sun heats it up.

Already, ISON is shedding around 120,000 pounds of dust per minute. Comets that pass as close to the sun as ISON will shed even more dust.

Earth will basically be caught in a double meteor shower with debris and dust coming from two directions.

Astronomers have added that satellites and astronauts in space will not be in any danger from the microscopic particles.

Look for Comet ISON in mid-November. It should be exceptionally bright in late November through early December.

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