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Come Back To Me-Keith Urban (Lyrics/Audio)

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Đăng 7 tháng trước

If theres sand that you aint wrote your name in

If youre tired of the view from the same window

If theres lips that you wanna get drunk on

Ferris wheels that you need to get stuck on, go

See everythin you think you need to see

Then come back to me

If theres pavement you aint put your shoes on

If theres dance floors you aint made a move on yet

If youre feelin too safe here beside me

And you wanna do somethin you might regret

Try the whole world on if you feel the need

Then come back to me


I wouldnt want

You to miss a thing

I wouldnt wake

You from any dream

You ever have

So, go on, and go, unroll every map

But if you gotta leave

You gotta know

I love you enough

To let you go

If theres greener grass

Hey, I wanna hold you, but I dont wanna hold you back

If you fly like a bird in the Jetstream

Hope the sky is a Hollywood set scene blue

If you land with a tan and your shades on

Hope the promise the postcard made comes true

But if it aint all that you dreamed it to be

Come back to me

Repeat Chorus

If you find someone else who deserves you

Hope he loves you enough not to hurt you

But if he does, you know right where Ill be

Come back to me

No Copyright Infragment Intended...The Song Belong To Keith Urban