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Bangladeshi Idol 30 August 2013 part 10

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Đăng 8 tháng trước
Bangladesh has seen its fair share of popular musical talent hunt shows and shows to search for stars for mainstream artists, instrumentalists, child prodigies, rock stars, Rock Bands etc. covering almost every possible genre. Now it is believed that the market in matured enough to be introduced to international reality show brands. Delta Bay Productions & Distribution Pvt. Ltd. realized it first and pioneered in grand scale international reality shows, being the first ever franchisee for shows of such level and grandeur. After successful completion of the first season of Bangladesh's first ever international reality show Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti (franchise of the globally phenomenal show -- Who Wants to be a Millionaire), its next project aims to take the Bangladeshi Music Industry to the next level. It is about time Bangladesh gets introduced to the real deal, the mother of all singing reality shows -- The IDOLS format, Bangladeshi Idol, as it will be known in Bangladesh. This sensational show will give the aspiring singing talents of Bangladesh the largest possible platform to realize their dreams and make it come true and be in the same row as of all the IDOLS globally. The IDOLS show around the globe has been creating phenomenon, dreams and desire, helping its target group -- the youth, realizing their dreams. Bangladeshi Idol believes that it will be a source for inspiration for the youth of the nation.