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अभंग (Abhanga) Bhajan Competition Coverage

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Đăng 3 năm trước
Vikas Foundation and Full2marathi.com with an intention to mark an history in Mumbai has organize a mega bhajan competition " Aabhanga " for such groups, giving them a platform to get recognized and to felicitate them for a doing a holly work of spreading the message of god and love.

The said event was witness eminent citizens and also general audience of about 1500+ people. The star attraction of the event was the performing judge voice of Sa Re Ga Ma ( Marathi ) " Shri. Dyaneshwar Meshram " ( Zenda - title track fame ) and Young Marathi voice of Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma contestant ( selected in best 24 ) " Sachin Bargaje ". With media channel partnership with Zee 24 Taas, newspaper partner "Samana" and web online association with full2marathi.com website.

WebLink: Videos - on gioi cau day roi - nhac viet - nhac vang - nhac tru tinh - nhac khong loi