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61. Why Quantum Mechanics Cannot Rescue Free Will

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In this episode of Exploring the Illusion of Free Will, recorded on April 12, 2012, producer and host George Ortega explains why interpretations of quantum mechanics that conclude quantum mechanics to be unpredictable, or acausal, do not thereby present any opportunity for our human will to be free. Causality is, in fact, the fundamental process in the universe. Causality is so fundamental to nature that no change can happen without it. Furthermore, even if reality did have random (in the sense of uncaused) aspects, such a prospect would prohibit free will as strongly and completely as does causality. A random thought is not a freely willed thought. Another important point in this episode is that while the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle prohibits the simultaneous measurement of a particle's position and momentum, such a prohibition does not apply to groups of particles. In fact, the quantum mechanical probabilities from which it's predictions are derived rely upon a series of classical, or Newtonian simultaneous measurements of such groups of particles. It would also be quite absurd to assert that single quantum particles behave randomly, and then become subject to this universal law of causality when subsumed within groups. The universe told me to tell you it's sorry it didn't allow me to sleep very much the night before. ( :

The debate over whether humans have a free will languished for centuries in academia. In 2010, George Ortega decided it was time to move the issue to the public arena in a big way. Ortega spearheaded a buzz about free will that ultimately led to an explosion in mainstream media and Internet coverage, including cover stories by New Scientist and Scientific American Mind magazines. For a description and chronology of how he did it, see "History of How Refuting Free Will Went From Academia to the Public Spotlight" at http://exogenousagency.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/history-of-how-refuting-free-will-went-from-academia-to-the-public-spotlight/ The article includes over three dozen hyper-linked mainstream press articles on the topic between 2004 and 2012.

For dozens of episodes from the world's first and only ongoing initiative exclusively dedicated to exposing free will as an illusion, visit Ortega's site at http://causalconsciousness.com/. Our initiative includes two television programs - A weekly show with live call-in episodes on Manhattan's MNN, and a weekly television series cablecast to White Plains, New York, select Westchester, County, New York communities and Manhattan.

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